Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati ThakuraHis Grace Mahatma Prabhu has been serving ISKCON since 1969. He received first and second initiation from His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in Los Angeles, California, in 1970. His Grace Mahatma Prabhu has been a pioneer of many preaching activities, including the first Sankirtana party in the history of ISKCON to distribute hardbound books. Currently, He extensively travels around the world offering his workshop, inspiring devotees and nurturing his disciples.
Quotes by His Grace Mahatma Prabhu

Forgiveness is The Only Medicine

Forgiveness is often illogical and unnatural because you are confronted with forgiving an “unforgivable” act. Yet anger, blame and revenge only make your pain worse. Forgiveness is the only medicine that will relieve your pain.

What’s Inside of You?

Another person cannot cause you to hate or resent him unless that hatred and resentment is already within you. They are just showing you what you need to work on.

Maya is After Your Japa

Maya targets your chanting because it’s your most potent weapon against her. To the degree you allow her to distract you from chanting well, you become malleable to her will.

Chanting is A Relationship

Chanting is not just a process, it is a relationship. You and the holy name are together for two hours every day. If you are conscious of this while you chant, your chanting will dramatically improve.

What to think?

If we would just think about how to advance in Krsna consciousness as much as we think about other things, overcoming the gross and subtle forms of sex would be a much less difficult task.

No Magic But Discipline

There is no easy path when it comes to sexual purity. Strong commitment to purity, coupled with self-discipline and strong sadhana are essential. Otherwise, sexual attraction is insurmountable. Even great sages fall prey to its allurement.

What Are You Missing?

Think about all that is being missed in our Krishna Conscious life just because we adhere to the one impurity called sexual impurity. Or conversely, think about what we could do more in Krishna Consciousness when we get rid of this impurity. We would be more enthusiastic and less offensive. We become angry & offensive when our desires are not fulfilled.

Be Satisfied With Yourself

Be satisfied with who you are. If you are not, you will tend to be jealous of others and unhappy with yourself. Be happy with the way Krsna made you and use the gifts He has given you to further your service.

A Few Positive Words

Sometimes another devotee’s light starts going out, and you might be the very person who can rekindle it into a flame. You might not always think you can or should do much, but often a few words of sympathy or encouragement, even to a devotee you don’t know – or don’t know well – can make a huge difference in their lives.

Let HIM Solve It

Krsna will help us to the degree we have the intention and make the effort, to improve. Certainly no problem of ours is too great for Him to solve. We just need to be willing to let Him solve it.

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